20 Gifts to Give Kids when they already have plenty of Stuff



It’s almost Christmas time and your probably telling yourself, my kiddos do NOT need more STUFF! Don’t get me wrong, I still love buying toys and clothes for my kiddos but when family and friends ask what to get my kids I always revert to the feeling that they don’t need more stuff. If you feel like this too, why not ask your family and friends to forgo the gifts and get them one of the “non-toy” gifts we suggested here.

The list comes from my children, Bella & Beckler, when I asked them “What would you like to get for Christmas that isn’t stuff?” They even asked if instead we would give them some of these items instead of more toys!

Let us know what items you would add to this list?!!

20 Gifts to Give Kids when they already have plenty of Stuff:

1. Movie Passes
2. Gymnastic Lessons
3. Cooking Class.
4. Ghost Tour
5. Duck Boat Tour
6. Passes to Muesum
7. Breakfast in Bed
8. A meal out: Breakfast, Dinner or Lunch
9. Manicure or Pedicure
10. Camping Trip
11. Mini Golfing
12. Amusement Park Tickets
13. TRIP – maybe just you and them to somewhere special
14. Concert Tickets
15. Tickets to Theater or Ballet
16. Bowlling
17. Homemade Coupon Book – “staying up late,” “extra bedtime story” etc.
18. Gift Card for Ice Cream
19. Pottery Painting
20. Climbing Gym passes

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