DIY Pippi Longstocking Costume

Pippi Longstocking

DIY Pippi Longstocking Costume

Bella has been super excited to be Pippi Longstocking this year for Halloween! We had so much fun making this costume. You can do lots of different variations of this costume, but we tried to stick with the look of the book character.


Make sure to let us if you like the Book or Movie Pippi Longstocking look best?!!

DIY Pippi Longstocking Costume

Pippi Longstocking Braids


You can see us going through lots of trial and error with the braids in the video here! But we finally managed to get Bella’s LONG, LONG, LONG Hair into awesome Pippi Longstocking braids!

Pippi Longstocking Dress

Pippi Longstocking Dress


We used a denim dress that we found at Old Navy and bought some plaid, flannel material (in small bundle) at a craft store. We cut the fabric into squares and sewed in random places on the dress to make it look like patches. Bella also wore a flannel purple long sleeve shirt and leggings (it’s going to be cold Halloween Nights). To top off the look, she wore two different stripped socks and hiking boots.

DIY Pippi Longstocking Dress

We think Pippi Longstocking turned out great!! If you do too, make sure to PIN this tutorial on Pinterest!!

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