We’re going to DisneySMMC!!!

We are soooo excited!!!!!!!! I’ve been invited to join a wonderful event that Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is putting on with the magical place Disney. This will be the first time me and my family, husband and 2 children, will be attending, and also the first time it will be on Land and Sea. So needless to say the excitement level is at an all time high!!!


This event is the brainchild of Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and is an invite only for like minded social media personalities, to celebrate and inspire each other. We begin with 2 days at Disney World, then followed by 3 night cruise aboard Disney’s Cruise ship the Wonder.

I’m beyond excited because the last time we were on Disney’s property my children were 1 and 3 years old and now they are 8 and 10 years old. So being able to take them to this magical place will be an amazing life time memory, and a really fun thing is, they won’t know they are going until the day of. I will be sure to post the video of their surprise on my blog. So stay tuned.

So we start out with 2 days at Walt Disney World, which will be so fun, and can’t wait to see all the joy on my kids faces. I will be sure to video all of the fun and excitement so everyone can share in the Disney bliss. Then we will board the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship, where we begin our voyage to Disney’s Castaway Cay.

Castaway Cay is an amazing island that is owned by Disney and is exclusive to Disney’s Cruisers.There is so much to do at this island I can’t wait to arrive. There is a family beach which is so serene, a wonderful place to relax and watch the kids splash and play. I don’t have all the details of the scheduled activities yet, but knowing that it’s Disney, I’m sure there will be some memories made.

Here we are at Castaway Cay, if you can’t see video go HERE to watch!

You can following along with us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also search the hashtag on all social #DisneySMMC to see posts from everyone!! Follow Disney Social Media Moms on Twitter at @DisneyMoms. Great way to keep up with news about all things Disney Parks is by reading the official Disney Parks Blog.

Thank you DisneySMMC! We paid a nominal fee to go on DisneySMMC, All opinions are my own.

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