WonderWorks Museum

If you can’t see video, go HERE to watch.

We recently went to WonderWorks Museum. Before we get started, we have a question for you?! Would you LAY ON A BED OF NAILS?!!!! You’ll have to watch video to see if anyone in our family did (mom, dad, Bella, Beckler?)!

We honestly didn’t really know what to expect going to WonderWorks. All we knew is that it always looked really cool and we really wanted to see what was in that upside down house. When we first got in there we had to go through a dark hallway that seemed like it was spinning (yes, there are several illusions there) and it totally freaked us out! After we got through that there were tons of activities!


1) 4-D Theater – it wasn’t very crowded so we were able to watch a show and go back in line to watch the next show. There were 4 different shows so it was fun!
2) We LOVED all the illusions! One of our favorites was a waterfall that looked like it was going UP!
3) We loved all the hands on activities! It was nice to go to a museum that you are encouraged to TOUCH and play with everything!
4) The BUBBLE ROOM!! Who doesn’t love Bubbles!
5) Playing games with the family!


1) Wear close toes shoes – you won’t be able to try some of the simulators or ropes course with them on.
2) Try not to go on a Saturday, they told us that’s their busiest day.
3) Bring money for the gift shop! They had lots of fun stuff!


Would we go back, YES! But this time we’d like to see the magic show. It’s an added expense and is not included in your ticket price. Several people told us that it’s a must see show!

Have you been to WonderWorks?! We’d love to hear about your experience there?!

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Thank you WonderWorks for providing tickets, review is our own.

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